Our vision

Efelya's commitments: 

The prevention of risks that may occur during your pregnancy: assess your risk factors on the 6 most common pathologies related to pregnancy by taking into account your medical, family, surgical and obstetrical history.

Personalised pregnancy care: daily personalised content is offered according to your term, the constant evolution of your baby, as well as articles, videos and podcasts produced by health professionals who are experts in their field. 

Unique support: with a wealth of medical information written by more than 30 practitioners specialising in pregnancy.

Our contribution to advancing global medicine and its applications: such as disease prediction, early detection and progression.

The protection of your personal data and privacy rights: Efelya is a CE certified Medical Device application, all data is encrypted and secured according to RGPD and HADS (Haute Autorité Données de Santé) standards

The progress of Efelya's artificial intelligence: thanks to the cross-referencing of a growing amount of data, known as Big Data, Efelya is committed to advancing research in obstetrical medicine worldwide.