22 weeks pregnant, or 20 weeks after conception: the threshold of viability

At 22 weeks pregnant, your baby is about 22 centimetres long and weighs roughly 500 grams. According to the World Health Organization, your baby has reached the limit of viability, i.e. 22 weeks gestation or 500 grams, which is the threshold for possible survival if your child is born. They would then be considered a very premature baby. The fetus' fat reserves remain limited, and their skin, still a little wrinkled, will later stretch.

Although your baby's respiratory and digestive systems are not yet mature, most of their senses are now well developed. This makes the fifth month of pregnancy an ideal time to interact with your baby by stroking your belly and talking to them. Your little one can hear your voice and your heartbeat. Don't forget to include a varied and balanced diet as research has shown that the foods you consume during this time may help shape what your baby will enjoy eating later on.